SKJOLSVIK (pronounced: schols' vik)
"The forms originate from a single calligraphic stroke that has manifested into something entirely different".
    A body of work that has gone on for over two decades, a slow shift to larger works has emerged. Generous amounts of meditation seem to have opened up fears of success and failure paralleled with the management of anxieties like, “what am I going to do, how will it be perceived, and who am I that created it and why?” The series began one night in Mexico at the Gran Hotel Ancira using cabrito (goat) blood bought at the market. Today, they are created with ink and metal calligraphic nibs that I make myself. The non-objective image source gets created systematically in dense repetition. Some are random and others line up in horizontal formations that occupy some or all of the field. The result is a spherical shape made up of an illegible language. A sort of landscape, whether psychological or physical, may present itself within the linear compositions.